Daily Itinerary:
Day 1 Thurs., Nov. 29th             A Special Celebration                                         (L, D)
Stop for lunch at a well-known and beautifully decorated enterprise, more than just a
restaurant. After checking in for a two-night stay at our destination, explore the
Christmas festivities. Dinner tonight is specialty for which this region is known.
Day 2 Fri., Nov. 30th              A Movement & a Performances                                (B, L)
Explore a small but easily recognized town for lunch with a changing view. Travel to
another small town for this afternoon’s Christmas performance.
Day 3 Sat., Dec. 1st                Giants & a Favorite Restaurant                                                            ( B, L)
View these giants, a work of nature, before visiting one of Setness Tours’ favorite restaurants before returning home.

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