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All-inclusive escorted tours for active adults and intergenerational travelers

Company History

Setness Tours is a family business owned by Wayne and Katherine Setness. To some extent, Katherine grew up in the back of a bus, on tours led by her parents. After working with her parents in their tour business, she established her own company, Setness Tours.

We view ourselves as what our clients have termed a "traveling family", as a numbers of travelers on any given trip are likely to be repeat customers. Several dozen of our clients have logged more than 100 tours and a few have topped the 200 mark. We now have around 4,000 people traveling with us annually, and have grown primarily by word-of-mouth, as our travelers have returned with their friends and family members.

One of my favorite stories involves Celeste Bordner. Celeste's mother had planned to travel to New York City for a Setness Tours theater trip, but her roommate had to cancel at the last minute. Mille, Celeste's mother, asked Celeste to take her roommate's place. There was only one problem. Celeste was a teacher and would have to miss a few days of work.

"Well", thought Celeste, "should I lie to my principal and tell him I'm sick or should I tell the truth?"  She went to his office and asked for a few days off to accompany her mother to New York. "Don't worry, we'll cover it," he assured her. "You know, my wife and I are going to New York also," he added, "now what are those dates?" She gave him the dates she would be gone. "Those are the same dates my wife and I will be in New York," he remarked. Come to find out he and his wife were going on the same tour! Two lessons here--Honesty is the best policy, and you never know who you meet on a Setness Tours trip! As Clayton Krueger, her principal, explained--"how could I tell her no when my wife and I were going on the same tour?"

Our Staff

Wayne Setness
Wayne's wanderlust began in adolescence as he traveled through Europe, and continues unabated as he explores this wonderful world of ours. His travels with Setness Tours are considerably more luxurious than those of his youth, when he once stayed in a hostel that charged an extra ten cents if you wanted sheets on the bed.

Katherine Setness
As owner, Katherine is responsible for all aspects of the business. In addition to her other duties, she escorts many of the trips. Her travels have taught her that in order to understand others you have to see from their perspective. For instance, Katherine was once on a bus in Amsterdam when the man behind her asked for directions. Katherine was curious as to how the person knew they spoke English. "That's simple," he said, "I already asked you in French and German and you did not respond."

Shawn Russell
Shawn began as a traveler with Setness Tours before joining our team as escort and trip planner. Because of her experience traveling she brings a client-based viewpoint to trip planning. She says that it is amazing what you learn traveling. For instance when at a pineapple farm in Thailand she learned that pineapples don’t grow on trees. What she already knows is that we are not really in the travel business but in the people business. Group travel is social by nature and experiencing the world with other people adds to the experience. Shawn escorts the majority of our daytrips and some of the getaways as well.

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